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 Types of Tap - Bath Filler

Nov 2017

Basically, a mixer tap for the bath. It generally has a hot and cold inlet (fitted to the pre-formed holes on your bath rim) and commonly a single outlet. Heat is generally controlled by separate tap controls. This type of tap is ideal for the large flow required in a bath.

Bath Filler Taps For Your Bathroom

 Types of Tap - Mixer

Nov 2017

Most of us are familiar with mixer taps in the bathroom and kitchen. Hot and cold water are regulated either by a single handle or by two handles. If the water exits from one aperture, these are generally known as “Monobloc”. They are a safe and strightforward tap option and are available in a huge range of styles and prices for both basin, bath and bidet

Mixer Taps For Your Bathroom

 Types of Tap - Pillar

Oct 2017

Pillar taps were certianly the most commonly used taps in the past, though probably less so these days. You have a single tap plumbde in seaprately to a single aperture in the sanitary wear. Very straightforward. Probably not as popular as mixers because water heat regulation is harder, but there is still a lot of choice on the market, and some good looking taps

Pillar Taps For Your Bathroom

 Minimalist Chic Bathroom

Oct 2017

We love the simplicity of this bathroom. It has a very minimalist style with its Oak effect flooring and its very neutral wall to ceiling tiling in a linear pattern. The bathroom features stand alone rather than a built in suite which has a very contemporary feel.

To finish things off, soft pendant lighting is used adding a slightly industrial aesthetic which just works. All together a very chic and aspirational bathroom that could be achieved even in a much smaller space.

Minimalist Chic Bathroom

 Types of Tap - Wall Mounted

Sep 2017

This type of tap is quite unusual in the UK. The taps are plumbed in and fiited on the wall surface and “sprout” out over the basin or bath. It’s quite a fashionable look, but it’s more work to install and more difficult to maintain due to limited access to the plumbing

Wall Mounted Taps For Your Bathroom

 Types of Tap - Floor Mounted

Sep 2017

It used to be more common to see floor mounted (and wall mounted) taps in Victorian times, however, they are making a comeback and are now considered quite contemporary. They work particularly well if you are gond for a peroid look. Plumbing is located under the floorboards which means you can locate your bath (or whatever) pretty much where ever you want, with the pipe work exiting the floorboards wherevr it’s required.

With this type of tap, you’ll need decorative pipework as it will be on view.

Floor Mounted Taps For Your Bathroom

 Types of Tap - Surface Mounted

Sep 2017

Surface mounted taps are fixed using pre-drilled holes in your sanitary wear. This is the most common type of tap as it is easy to fit, maintain and change. Most sanitary wear comes ready to accept this type of tap. This is really the default style of tap today.

Surface Mounted Taps For Your Bathroom

 Choosing Tiles For Your Bathroom

Aug 2017

If you are planning a new bathroom, tiles are a central part of the final look and feel. There are so many shapes, sizes and materials to choose from, you need to be able to lay them out side by side in the correct lighting conditions and with plenty of space. Only then can you make an informed decision about which tile will work best for you.

At Marcus Anthony Bathrooms, we have a purpose built tile bar offering a choice of more than 300 tiles, and you can spend as long as you need comparing until you are happy with your tile choices

Here are 5 tips that might help you choose

  • Choose your primary tile first. this is the "must have" tile around which you'll base your design
  • Keep to a maximum of 3 different tiles. Use colour notes from your main tile to choose secondary tiles
  • Keep in mind maintenance. Ceramic and Porcelain are fairly simple to keep clean but porous natural stone is more difficult
  • Large tiles are popular these days, they also mean less grouting to keep clean
  • If you are planning to tile the floor, smaller tiles will create a more slip free experience.

Good look with that tile hunting, and do call us if you need advice.

Choosing Tiles For Your Bathroom

 Acrylic or Steel Bath

Aug 2017

There is a much wider choice of baths these days than our grandparents enjoyed, and that’s great for us.

Most baths these days are made from either Steel, or more commonly acrylic (a form of plastic). You can sometimes find baths made of cast-iron, but these are less common nowadays.

So how do you choose?

If we consider steel to start with, there is a more chic appeal to using steel, primarily because it is less common and costs more. Baths are made by pressing steel into shape which creates a very smooth finish which is then coated with enamel.

Steel baths are typically cold to the touch and will take longer to warm up, but will retain the heat for longer ideal if you like to enjoy a long soak. The enamel finish can look superb, however, it is less resistant to scratching than acrylic, so you will need to take good care of it. But if you do, it will look great for a long time

For those of you concerned about green matters, being steel means that when it comes to the end of its life, it can be easily recycled which won’t usually be the case with acrylic.

As mentioned, one downside is that it will cost you quite a lot more initially

As far as acrylic baths are concerned, these are the standard. They come in a huge range of shapes and sizes (and colours if you wish) and they will cost much less than steel

Most acrylic baths are glass fibre reinforced and have wooden baseboards for rigidity, so you don’t need to worry about durability, they are just fine. Make sure you choose a known brand, and you will be buying an excellent product.

The acrylic material is hard-wearing and quite resistant to scuffs, scratches and also to staining

If you are on a budget, acrylic is probably the way to go, and it is the choice most people make

Acrylic or Steel Bath

 Clean the bathroom mindfully

Aug 2017

Some thoughts about mindfulness

Mindful cleaning

A lot has been written about mindfulness recently, and how it can help calm you and help you achieve tasks more easily. Mindfulness is the art of concentrating on the moment rather than being distracted by other events or by distracting thoughts.

Cleaning the bathroom is a chore, let’s face it. Few people actually enjoy doing it, but we all know it’s something that has to be done. Why not try mindfulness, it could well help you. Rather like self-hypnosis and NLP, being mindful can actually help you to train your brain to begin to enjoy cleaning (or any other task, for that matter) by greater focus. Here’s how you might go about it.

As you pick up the cleaning tools, concentrate on them a little. Run your fingers over them to feel their shape and texture, look at the vibrancy of the colour and its texture, think about exactly what that product or tool is for.

As you clean, imagine yourself to be the unchallenged King or Queen of cleaning and use that feeling to clean with a flourish. Regulate your breathing to match the movement of your arms and listen carefully to the variety of noises being made as you clean items.

Under your breath, make a noise to match each motion, and imagine repetitive motions like a pendulum, going back and forth, you can even match them to your breathing pattern.

You can get the general idea here, just avoid your mind straying on to other matters focus on exactly what is happening at the moment, and try to achieve a rhythm with what you are doing. Difficult chores can be made much easier this way

Mindful bathroom cleaning

 Low Cost Bathroom Improvements

Jul 2017

Low cost ideas that can spruce up bathroom

New Wastes

The waste is the part in the sink, bath and bidet where the water drains out. They suffer years of hard use and it often shows. A new waste needn’t cost too much and you could even consider a push-push waste with a chrome top. These look great and do away with the need for an ugly rubber plug.

Quite, do-able by a competent DIY type or call in a specialist such as Marcus Anthony

New Wastes By Marcus Anthony

 Low Cost Bathroom Improvements

Jul 2017

Low cost ideas that can help to improve your bathroom

New taps

You’ll get a huge “bang for your buck” by changing taps. Older taps will tend to become scaled up and can start to leak due to failing washers. There are taps for every budget and taste and some shiny new chrome will lift your bathroom in an instant.

This is certainly do-able for a competent DIY type, but if your choose a pro. such as Marcus Anthony, it still shouldn’t cost you too much

New Taps By Marcus Anthony

 Low Cost Bathroom Improvements

Jul 2017

Low cost ideas that can improve your bathroom no end

Toilet Replacement

Older toilet systems tend to function less well over time, as well as starting to look tired and possibly a little unsanitary. If you are eco-conscious, it’s also worth noting that older systems tend to use a lot more water when they flush and are also unlikely to have a dual stage flush meaning you use a full flush even if you don’t need to.

For a quick improvement to poor flushing, you could just consider having the cistern mechanism changed at the cost of just a few pounds

Obviously, unless you are pretty handy, you’ll need a specialist such as Marcus Anthony to do this but it is not too expensive.

New Toilet By Marcus Anthony

 Low Cost Bathroom Improvements

Jul 2017

A nice new bathroom may be beyond your budget but that’s no reason not to look for some low cost improvements that can help give your current bathroom a new lease of life.

Shower Heads

  • Leaking at the joints where washers have degraded
  • Scale build up inside the flexible joints
  • A clogged up shower head with an uneven spray pattern

A replacement is quite inexpensive and simple to fit, and will brighten up your bathroom no end

Shower Head By Marcus Anthony