Virtual Reality Bathroom Design Milton Keynes

Let us help you visualise your new bathroom. In 3d of course.

May sale

 Design Service in Lifelike 3D

Using a 3D headset, we'll places you centre stage, in your new bathroom. Designed with depth, scale and parallax, you'll feel as if your bathroom has already been built. The 110 degree viewing angle will place you directly in the room, rather than being on the outside looking in through a screen. The headset responds to eye movement immediately, providing 360 degree head-tracking and interaction with moving elements of the room, including opening cupboards and showers.

 How It Works

We'll start by visiting your house to survey the bathroom space, and take measurements so that we can create your virtual view. We'll then add in the bathroom range of your choice along with your fittings (for example, vanity units). After that we'll get to work rendering the planned bathroom in glorious 3D, so you can step right inside your own virtual space.

VR Design By Marcus Anthony